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Season 1

1. Episode 1
gs: Wu-Tang Clan (Themselves)

In the first crank, Dave Chappelle pretends to be the manager of a rap group called "The Wu Tang Clan". He tries to arrange accommodations with the God-Fearing owner of a Bed and Breakfast.

In the second crank, Super Dave Osborne pretends to be an author of an "Unusual Name Book". In which he wants to include a man named Bobby Dick.

In the third crank, Jimmy Kimmel pretends to be a person who ordered a bucket of chicken and got a few bird beeks.

In the fourth crank, Sarah Silverman pretends to be a stressful person looking for a job as a nanny.

In the fith crank, Stephen Colbert pretends to be person calling a phone-sex line on behalf of a hearing-impaired friend.

b: 02-Jun-2002 d: Ted May , Bill Berner with Hugh Martin

NOTE: In March 2002, Sarah Silverman starred in a puppet series called "Greg the Bunny" with similar characters.
  • The show opens with the words "The crank calls you are about to hear are real. The names have not been changed. Screw the innocent".
  • Australia Airdate:September 2nd 2002

  • 2. Episode 2
    gs: Jimmy Kimmel (The Nudge/Jimmy) Sarah Silverman (Jimmy's Mom) Billy West (Little Kid) Lisa Kushell (Cammie) Patton Oswalt (Boomer) Tracy Morgan (Spoonie Luv) Denis Leary (Joe Smith) Denis Leary (Special Ed)

    Comedian Lisa Kushell as "Cammie," a blind stripper, who is looking for work at a local Yankerville Strip Club. Cammie threatens the strip club owner with discrimination when he says that she won't be able to strip there because of her unreasonable demands. * Patton Oswalt and Jimmy Kimmel as "Boomer and The Nudge" are radio djs who convince a 7-11 employee to scream, "I peed in the slurpie machine" * "Saturday Night Live" comedian, Tracy Morgan, is "Spoonie Luv," a bitter lover who orders flowers for his ex-girlfriend * Jimmy Kimmel as "Jimmy" needs help downstairs when trying to order some self-help products from a sex store, but his mother, Sarah Silverman aka "Jimmy's Mom" keeps interrupting him * Denis Leary as "Joe Smith" is at a friend's apartment and trying to deal with a crazy monkey that has gone out of control * "Special Ed," is voiced by Jim Florentine, calls for computer assistance and expresses how happy he is to get mail.

    b: 09-Jun-2002 d: Hugh Martin , Ted May and Bill Berner

    NOTE: Australia Airdate:September 9th 2002

    3. Episode 3
    gs: Adam Carolla (Dick Birchum) Jack Black (Himself / Tenacious D) Kyle Gass (Himself / Tenacious D) Jimmy Kimmel (Elmer Higgins) Wanda Sykes (Gladys Murphy) Jordan Rubin (Batman's Nemesis) Billy West (Moo Shu) Denis Leary (Special Ed)

  • Jimmy Kimmel as "Elmer," an old man looking for a new apartment. He claims that he doesn't have pets, but the barking in the background gives it away.

  • "Gladys Murphy" voiced by Wanda Sykes can't believe what she found in the back of her Toyota after taking it in to be serviced. She claims someone left a large steaming turd in the back of her car and is appalled that someone from the service center would have the nerve to do something so repulsive.

  • Jordan Rubin as "Batman's Nemesis" calls the 411 operator to try and track down the phone number for Batman and is determined that he will find him.

  • Adam Carolla as "Birchum" is a war vet looking for a job at a construction company. He spends time remembering those lost in the war and wants details about the position.

  • Tenacious D stops by the Rusty Trombone to perform for the citizens of Yankerville.

  • Billy West as "Moo Shu," a Chinese rapper, calls a record store looking for the latest Tupac album, but promises to deliver a few other things to the record store employee.

  • "Special Ed," voiced by Jim Florentine, calls a travel agency because he "wants to go to Hawaii."

  • b: 16-Jun-2002

    NOTE: Comedy Central ordered 10 new episodes of "Crank Yankers" that will air this summer.
  • This episode title was also refered as "Tenacious D."
  • Australia Airdate:September 16th 2002

  • 4. Episode 4
    gs: Tracy Morgan (Spoonie Luv) Jimmy Kimmel (Elmer Higgins) Wanda Sykes (Wanda) Tony Barbieri (Niles Standish) Touch-Tone Terrorists (YPS employees)

    *Tracy Morgan as "Spoonie Luv," tries to get a tee-time at the Yankerville Country Club, a private club that doesn't take tee times -- Spoonie feels that the club is racist.

    *"Elmer" voiced by Jimmy Kimmel tries to make an appointment to get hearing aides, but has trouble hearing the receptionist on the other lend of the line to schedule an appointment.

    *Wanda Sykes as "Wanda" works for an adult porn internet web site and calls a random number to thank them for their business. The wife becomes angry and refuses to answer the phone, but Wanda is persistent.

    *Tony Barbieri as "Niles Standish" calls a health care service provider to ask for some extra attention. Unfortunately, the company does not provide the type of assistance he is looking for.

    *A woman thinks she has called a parcel service to track a package that did not arrive when it was supposed to, but she actually dialed the wrong number and reached the Yankerville Parcel Service (YPS). Our caller is stunned to find out what the YPS employees get away with at work.

    b: 23-Jun-2002

    NOTE: Australia Airdate:September 23rd 2002

    5. Episode 5

    * Jim Florentine as "Bobby Fletcher," tries to apply for a job, but belches through the entire phone conversation, which does not make a good first impression.

    * "Lisa" voiced by Lisa Kushell calls tech support because there is something about computer lingo that really turns her on.

    * Dave Attell as "Frank" calls an electrolysis center to get quotes and information on what would be involved in having all of his monkey's hair removed.

    * "Brichum" voiced by Adam Carolla had misplaced his prosthectic leg at the Yankerville Country Club and calls Lost & Found to see if they have it. Birchum, still bitter about serving in 'Nam, gets into a heated argument with the Country Club empolyee.

    * Jimmy Kimmel as "Terrence," Bill Cosby's personal assistant, makes a dinner reservation for Bill Cosby, but warns the hostess about the certain rules and regulations Mr. Cosby expects when dining in public.

    * "Danny" voiced by David Allen Grier is a puppet with the flu that calls a phone sex line and manages to continue the conversation in between his vomiting.

    b: 30-Jun-2002

    NOTE: This episode is also refered as "David Alan Grier, Dave Attell."
  • Australia Airdate:September 30th 2002

  • 6. Episode 6
    gs: Tony Barbieri (Niles Standish) Touch-Tone Terrorists (YPS employees) Susie Essman (Helen Higgins) Denis Leary (Bobby Fletcher) Bob Einstein (Tony Deloge)

    * A woman thinks that she has called the parcel service to track a package, but has misdialed and reached the Yankerville Parcel Service (YPS). Our caller is stunned to hear what the YPS employees have to say

    * "Niles Standish," voiced by Tony Barbieri, calls a woman who does calligraphy for invitations. He would like to place a large order for an "ass-slapping" party he's hosting. Money is no object for Niles and he is hoping to double the amount of "raw, red asses" at this years festivities

    * Susie Essman as "Helen Higgins" calls Critter Crazy Pets to ask how to re-train her potty-mouth parrot. The pet shop employee tells her that he will bring in instructional tapes that will restrain her parrot from using the dirty words that the bird continually yells at Helen

    * "Bobby Fletcher," voiced by Jim Florentine, would like to work at the Alternative Counseling Center for kids with drug problems. He is a drug dealer and feels this would be a good way to meet new clients. The rude remarks and belching anger the receptionist

    * Super Dave Osborne as "Tony DeLoge," a candidate for District Selectman, calls Yankerville residents to secure his vote in the upcoming election. He convinces an elderly couple that he will "kick the crap out of their son" who has taken their belongings and moved next door

    * "Karl Malone" voiced by Jimmy Kimmel gives his "You Got To Know" advice with a lesson in water conservation

    b: 07-Jul-2002

    NOTE: This episode is also refered as "Super Dave Osborne".
  • Australian Airdate:October 7th 2002

  • 7. Episode 7
    gs: Sarah Silverman (Hadassah) Tracy Morgan (Spoonie Luv) Dane Cook (Sav Macauley) Denis Leary (Bobby Fletcher) Ween (Themselves)

    Hadassh conducts a survey for Oprah magazine.

    Spoonie Luv sends ideas to a greeting card company.

    Sav Macauley calls an old married couple to play "The Phone Zone."

    Bobby Fletcher calls for direction, while giving his grandfather a bath.

    Ween makes a musical performance at the Rusty Trombone.

    b: 14-Jul-2002

    NOTE: This episode is also refered as "Sarah Silverman, Ween".
  • Australia Airdate:October 14th 2002

  • 8. Episode 8
    gs: Tracy Morgan (Spoonie Luv) Bob Einstein (Mark) Susie Essman (Helen Higgins) Kevin Nealon (Ken) Jimmy Kimmel (Terrence)

    Spoonie Luv wants to place a personal ad.

    Mark faces marital crisis.

    Helen Higgins wants some cookies.

    Ken seeks the right girl.

    Terrence promotes publicity for a deli.

    b: 21-Jul-2002

    NOTE: Australian Airdate:October 21st 2002

    9. Episode 9
    gs: Adam Carolla (Dick Birchum) Jimmy Kimmel (Karl Malone/Elmer Higgins) Denis Leary (Bobby Fletcher) Sarah Silverman (Hadassh) David Alan Grier (Danny)

    Karl Malone is looking to buy Beanie Babies.

    Bobby Fletcher looks for a job at an auto repair shop.

    Hadassah calls from the municipal waste department.

    Birchum needs help to moves his 600 lbs. wife.

    Danny calls a catering company.

    Elmer makes a complaint to a cable company.

    b: 28-Jul-2002

    NOTE: Australian Airdate:October 28th 2002

    10. Episode 10
    gs: Dane Cook (Gene Winterbuck/Sav Macauley) Jimmy Kimmel (Elmer Higgins) Tracy Morgan (Spoonie Luv) Sarah Silverman (Hadassah) Bob Einstein (Tony Deloge)

    Elmer Higgins complains to a parcel service company.

    Spoonie Luv orders roses.

    Gene Winterbuck requests books from a library.

    Hadassah experiences some irritation.

    The Phone Zone contacts a very disturbed man.

    Tony Deloge tries to get votes from a nurse at a retirement home.

    b: 04-Aug-2002

    NOTE: Australian Airdate:November 4th 2002

    Season 2

    11. Episode 11

    Birchum (Adam Corolla) calls a security office for a job.


    b: 04-Mar-2003

    NOTE: Katie and Kevin are Jimmy Kimmel's actual kids.
  • Billboard: "THE GHETTO: Not just for minorities anymore!"
  • Hot Spot: Spoocano.
  • In the air: Special Ed on a wrecking ball.
  • Australian Airdate: July 14th 2003

  • 12. Episode 12
    gs: Robert Schimmel (Robert)

    Gladys Murphy (Wanda Sykes) calls video store about a mix-up.

    Bobby Fletcher (Jim Florentine)call about a job (again).

    Robert (Robert Schimmel) calls a phone sex line.

    Spoonie Luv (Tracy Morgan) calls a dojo for some lessons.

    Terrance (Jimmy Kimmel) plans a party for Rosie O'Donnell.

    Nile Standish (Tony Barbieri)calls a chamber of commerce.

    b: 11-Mar-2003

  • Hot Spot: The Great Wall of Chinese Food (Make of Chinese Take-Out boxes.)
  • In the air: Cammie, the blind stripper, on a hang glider.
  • Australian Airdate: July 21st 2003

  • 13. Episode 13
    gs: Snoop Dogg (Himself) Kevin Kimmel (Kevin)

    OCD Ken (Kevin Nealon) calls a phone sex line.

    Special Guest Snoop Dogg wants to run for senator.

    Speical Ed (Bobby Florentine) wants to see a movie.

    Hadassh (Sarah Silverman)calls a lingerie store.

    Birchum (Adam Corolla) calls a stable.

    Kevin (Kevin Kimmel) needs help with his homework.

    Snoop Dogg calls a record store.

    b: 18-Mar-2003

    NOTE: Billboard:D**DOS:The other P**IS
  • Hot Spot:Leper Island
  • In The Air:Birchum in a helicopter for the War.
  • Australian Airdate: July 28th 2003

  • 14. Episode 14
    gs: Gilbert Gottfried (George Zucco) Jeff Garlin (Jeff)

    Terrence (Jimmy Kimmel) plans an outing for the Olsen Twins.

    Bobby Fletcher (Jim Florentine) calls the water company.

    Elmer Higgins (Jimmel Kimmel) is having technical difficulties.

    Jeff (Jeff Garlin) calls a variety store.

    Cammie (Lisa Kushell)wants a delvery, and wants to get even with her boyfriend (Jimmy Kimmel)

    Tony Deloge (Super Dave Osborne) calls a sporting goods store.

    George Zucco (Gilbert Gottfried) calls a nutrition center with concerns.

    b: 25-Mar-2003

  • Hot Spot: Mount Yankermore(With Elmer, Birchum, Ed, & Bobby's faces).
  • In the air: Elmer does a 360 on a skateboard.
  • Australian Airdate: August 4th 2003

  • 15. Episode 15
    gs: Dom Irrera (Dom)

    Niles Standish (Tony Barbieri) calls a photo studio.

    Special Ed (Jim Florentine) tells knock-knock jokes.

    Chip Douglas (Fred Armisen) is a building a home.

    Dom (Dom Irrera)tries to settle a dispute.

    Birchum(Adam Corolla) has a close encounter.

    Haddassah (Sarah Silverman) calls a perfume counter to complain.

    OCD Ken (Kevin Nealon) needs a new cleaning lady.

    b: 01-Apr-2003

    NOTE: Billboard: "got MILF?"
  • Hot Spot: Viagara Falls (where you rise up the falls).
  • In the air: Birchum bungee jumps (using his prostetic leg).
  • Australian Airdate: August 11th 2003

  • 16. Episode 16
    gs: Bobcat Goldthwait (Steven Goldstein)

    A woman named Michelle gets a shocking phone call....FROM 97.1's BOOMER & THE NUDGE!!!(Jimmy Kimmel & Patton Oswalt)

    Steven Goldstein (Bobcat Goldthwait) looks for an agent.

    Landanlius Truefeld (David Alan Grier), A.K.A."THE TRUTH", offers to be a spokesperson.

    Niles Standish (Tony Barbieri) calls a ranch.

    A foreign guy (Dane Cook) calls a used car lot.

    Gladys (Wanda Sykes) calls a hardware store for some help.

    b: 08-Apr-2003

    NOTE: Billboard:"DON'T READ THIS"
  • Hot Spot: A.D.D. Playhouse...Shopping Mall....Restaurant
  • In The Air:Special Ed with his leg tangled in the tail of a kite.
  • Australian Airdate: August 18th 2003

  • 17. Episode 17
    gs: David Wain (Al Foster #1) Michael Ian Black (Al Foster #2)

    Birchum (Adam Corolla) wants swimming lessons for his kids.

    Al Foster AND Al Foster (David Wain & Michael Ian Black)call Al Foster.

    Katie (Katie Kimmel) calls a pet store.

    Bobby Fletcher (Jim Florentine) needs financial advice.

    Cammie (Lisa Kushell) wants to apply to college.

    Elmer (Jimmy Kimmel) needs to report an incident at a park.

    Spoonie (Tracy Morgan) calls a grocery store.

    b: 15-Apr-2003

    NOTE: Billboard:FREE MUMIA with the purchase of another mumia.
  • Hot Spot: Yankerville's Children Zoo (where the children are caged).
  • In The Air: Helen & Elmer swinging from a vine (a la Tarzan & Jane)
  • Australian Airdate: August 25th 2003

  • 18. Episode 18
    gs: Dr. Drew Pinsky (Himself)

    Bobby Fletcher (Jim Florentine) calls a country store to complain.

    Adam Corolla & Dr. Drew try to reach out to their Loveline listeners.

    Terrance (Jimmy Kimmel) books a massage for Mr. T.

    Special Ed (Jim Floretine) want to celebrate his birthday.

    Chip Douglas (Fred Armisen) is STILL building a house.

    Tony DeLoge (Super Dave Osborne) wants to improve his image.

    Haddassah (Sarah Silverman) wants to buy a costume.

    b: 22-Apr-2003

    NOTE: Billboard: ALL VIRGIN BROTHEL: You break it, you buy it.
  • Hot Spot:Leaning tower of PIAZZAS (Made up of tons of Mike Piazza, one on top of each other.)
  • In The Air: TBA
  • Australian Airdate: September 1st 2003

  • 19. Episode 19

    OCD Ken (Kevin Nealon) makes a friend in Alaska.

    Cammie (Lisa Kushell) calls a personal ad.

    Elmer (Jimmy Kimmel) wants to book a criise.

    Special Ed (Jim Florentine) calls a cafeteria

    Power Jammin' with Boomer & the Nudge (Patton Oswalt & Jimmy Kimmel)

    Birchum (Adam Corolla) wants to coach football.

    Danny (David Alan Grier) needs to convert.

    b: 29-Apr-2003

    NOTE: Billboard:If You were homeless, You'd Be Home Now
  • Hot Spot:Cape Cod Piece
  • In The Air:Cammie riding a rocket-type vibrator.
  • Australian Airdate: September 8th 2003

  • 20. Episode 20

    Hadassah (Sarah Silverman) calls a landfill.

    Chip Douglas (Fred Armisen) finishes building a house.

    Kevin & Katie (Kimmel) call a bowling alley.

    Spoonie Luv (Tracy Morgan) needs driving lessons.

    Niles Standish (Tony Barbieri) wants a balloon ride.

    Helen Higgins (Susie Essman) calls an art school.

    Bobby Fletcher (Jim Floretine) wants to join the Peace Corps

    b: 06-May-2003

  • Hot Spot:A farm with crop circles that indicates "No Fat Chick"
  • In The Air:Special Ed chewing/destroying the wing of a plane.
  • Australian Airdate: September 15th 2003

  • 21. Episode 21 (The best of Season 2)

    b: 13-May-2003

    NOTE: This was the first clip show.

    22. Episode 22
    gs: Jeff Goldblum (Professor Fermstein) David Wain (David Wain)

    Terrence schedules a book signing for JK Rowling

    Special Ed calls a ballpark

    Professor Fermstein (Jeff Goldblum) calls a coed

    David (David Wain) orders flowers

    Birchum calls about a sinkhole

    Chip calls a Taco Bell

    b: 16-Sep-2003

    23. Episode 23

    Gladys calls about a conjugal visit

    Elmer makes a dentist appointment

    Bobby wants to adopt a pet

    Dr. Premise (Jordan Rubin) calls a phone sex line

    Niles plans a wedding

    OCD Ken calls a soap factory

    b: 23-Sep-2003

    24. Episode 24

    Birchum wants to join the Neighborhood Watch

    Hadassah calls about a sperm test

    Special Ed pees in a pool

    Jeff (Jeff Garlin) needs a job

    Kevin (Kevin Kimmel) needs help with his homework again

    Benjamin Dubois (David Cross) calls a hobby shop

    Cammie calls a housewife about "being average"

    b: 30-Sep-2003

    25. Episoed 25

    Bobby needs a loan

    Elmer gets stuck in a fold-up bed

    Niles needs a new suit

    Gladys sets up a shopping spree for the homeless

    Arthur Johnson (Seth MacFarlane) sends a telegram

    OCD Ken calls a pharmacy

    George Zucco (Gilbert Gottfried) plans a family event

    b: 07-Oct-2003

    26. Episode 26

    Terrence calls a casting agent for George Wendt

    Tony Deloge calls a Hooters

    Birchum makes funeral arrangements

    Cammie calls a ghost buster

    Stompie (David Alan Grier) calls home

    Special Ed calls a library

    Tony Deloge arranges a sleepover with his voters

    b: 14-Oct-2003

    27. Episode 27

    b: 21-Oct-2003

    28. Episode 28

    b: 28-Oct-2003

    29. Episode 29

    b: 04-Nov-2003

    30. Episode 30

    b: 11-Nov-2003

    31. Episode 31

    b: 18-Nov-2003

    Season 3

    32. Episode 32
    gs: Eminem (Billy Fletcher)

    Hadassah (Sarah Silverman)has a problem with a new toy.

    The concierge (Tony Barbieri) conducts a survey.

    Danny(David Alan Grier) has questions about childbirth.

    Katie (Katie Kimmel) needs help with her book report.

    Bobby Fletcher (Jim Floretine)calls to make a reservation for his family. Includes Elmer(Jimmy Kimmel), Special Ed (Jim Florentine), and Billy(Eminem).

    Elmer's son, Bernard, (Adam Corolla) tries to make a secret call.

    b: 10-Feb-2004

    33. Episode 33: Gladys Murphy : Giving Mother

    b: 17-Feb-2004

    34. Episode 34